Cafe Racer TV website

The Cafe Racer TV website has just been switched live after the countdown clock reached zero. The site has some great categories which are sure to start filling up with great content over the lifespan of the series.

Viewers can submit photos of their own Cafe Racers for a chance to appear as bike of the week (I've already submitted my bike!). You can buy a selection of Cafe Racer TV clothing. Read up on Cafe Racer history and check out all the photos in the gallery from the production as well as some great historic photos.

You can also read up on what you will see in each Cafe Racer TV episode synopsis each week:

Episode 1 Synopsis:
In Café Racer Episode One, revisit the origins of the fast, customized street bike through eyewitness accounts of the Rockers and ton-up boys themselves. Café Racer visits with Mark Wilsmore of Ace Café, London for some historical perspective on the early days of the scene, complete with rare, historical footage from the 1950s and ‘60s. Veterans of the mods and rockers dust-ups from British beaches tell their tales; Café Racer gears up for a look down the road at the coming trends, machines, events and builders keeping the ton-up tradition alive today.

Episode 2 Synopsis:
In Café Racer’s second outing, join Largo, Florida’s Dime City Cycles in their search for the perfect project bike in a junkyard bristling with two-wheeled treasures; Brian Richardson, a sheep farmer and country lawyer from the wilds of Bluegrass, Virginia launches his quest to build the world’s first electric-powered Norton café racer; Dallas does it up big with their annual Mods and Rockers rally while music legend Billy Joel rides with Café Racer and recalls some of his favorite fast bikes.

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