Cafe Racer TV on Discovery HD

Let me just say I'm a bit nervous about how this series is going to turn out...

"The Worlds first full length Cafe Racer documentary" sounds great but I've seen too many cringe worthy Discovery documentaries in the past to not be a little bit worried. Still that said they seem to have all the bases covered. Interviews with the old Ton Up boys at the Ace, loads of riding footage, historical footage and photography and build coverage from some reputable workshops.

"The history and development of the café racer motorcycle is explored. Former street racers from England and custom motorcycle builders are interviewed.

The retro high-performance motorcycle scene is explored, documentary style. Attend Mods and Rockers meet in Dallas; Meet singer Billy Joel and other cutting-edge builders and enthusiasts keeping the classic British café racer motorcycle alive."

Episode one is airing on the 13th of October. I'm thinking I will have to seek out a copy of it here in Australia so I can give it a proper review. Episode screening dates can be found here. Visit the Cafe Racer TV website.

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