4WD vs Cafe Racer

Well when you ride a bike everyday it's only a matter of time before it's involved in some sort of accident. A couple of days ago I parked my W650 Cafe Racer in a kerb side bay outside a photography store. I went in and waited while another customer was being served. The customer before me left and I started up conversation with a sales assistant. About 2 minutes passed and the previous customer reappeared looking very sheepish. "Do you ride a motorcycle?" she asked. I looked at her and knew straight away what had happened. I said "You've just reversed in to my bike haven't you". She nodded and my heart sank.

When I parked there was a 4WD parked in the bay in front of me. I had thought when I parked that there's a chance the driver wouldn't see me bike so I gave her a good 2.5m of clearance. I also checked how much space it had in front and there was about 1m before the next car...so I stupidly thought "there's no way that 4WD will have to reverse back that far"....WRONG!

When I got outside my bike was lying on the road. I lifted it up, we exchanged details and parted ways. I pulled my tool kit out and was able to get everything back in to place so I was able to sheepishly ride my battered Cafe Racer home. The damage was mainly cosmetic and thankfully my alloy tank and custom seat weren't harmed.

The damage list is as follows:
Right side exhaust
rear indicator
foot brake lever
front brake lever
right side grip
throttle cables (housing bent and scratched up)

How much will this cost to repair? The quote stands at $2900!!! Thankfully the woman was kind enough to not drive off and admitted fault. Now I have a 4 week wait to get it all fixed. Yay.

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