World Wide Wrenchmonkees

Earlier this week the Wrenchmonkees launched their brand new website. It's slick and usable but most importantly it features their all new webshop. I've been chaffing at the bit since I saw the coming soon tag on their old site and they haven't disappointed.

The Wrenchmonkees webshop features the following categories and is very reasonable compared to what you wil pay at other online custom motorcycle stores. If you're chasing some unique custom parts for you cafe racer this could be the answer. The raw, unpolished look that the Wrenchmonkees love so much can be seen in most of the custom parts they offer. If nothing else when someone asks you where you got that custom part on your cafe racer you can tell em."Wrenchmonkees!".

Motorcycles - Rolling works of art. No prices available on the site...if you're that keen give em a call.

Goodies - Posters, tshirts, stickers.

Vintage/one-off - Grips, helmets, unique vintage items

Bodywork - Fenders, plates, brackets, etc

Electrics - Lighting

Exhaust - mufflers, heat wrap.

Handling - Handlebars, pegs, controls, grips.

Intake - Filters

Tires - Um...rubber.

I was a little disappointed that the Wrenchmonkees aren't offering any of those awesome custom seats they use on their motorcycles, but hey it's early days and I'm sure there's more to come.

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