The ultimate Ducati?

"They call it retro. We call it Rock`n Roll."

Designed by Jens Vom Brauck of JVB Moto (Cologne, Germany) the Flat Red to me pretty much sums up what a modern Cafe Racer should be. Flat Red was designed for the 2004 Design your dream Ducati competition and started off as a highly detailed 1/12th scale model.

After being awarded overall first prize Jen went on to build the bike using a 2002 Ducati 900SSie as a base. The Flat Red's tank is a one of which was hand built and moulded.

Flat Red has no visible wiring (what so ever!), minimal body panels, weighs in at only 180kg wet and packs 85 Desmo HP. The battery, oil cooler and electrics were all relocated to the front of the bike to allow for the new tank and airbox.

"Timeless hot rod styling, absolutely minimalistic design, low riding position and visible clean technics bring motorcycle fascination even to people who are not into bikes. Of course, it´s not the most practical bike, neither is it made for the racetrack, but it doesn´t want to be. It wants to be good fun, it will deliver lots of character and it is going to be cooler and quicker than every "cruiser" ever built."

The Flat Red's aggressive looks and styling, backed up by its awesome performance make this bike a truly modern Cafe Racer. Unfortunately, 5 years on we haven't seen Ducati add this bike to their line up...I guess I will just have to keep my fingers crossed.

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