Cafe Society - more previews

Motojournalist Mike Seate, one of the men behind the Cafe Society documentary dropped me an email pointing me to some more previews from the documentary...enjoy.

Two years in the making, "Cafe Society" was shot on location in Europe, the United Kingdom and the U.S. by Chet Burks Productions, the people behind Speed TV's motorcycle roadracing coverage. Produced by the editors of Cafe Racer magazine, "Cafe Society" is the first full-length documentary to chronicle the cafe racer and its enduing global cult. Packed with rare, historical footage, vintage still photos and interviews with seminal cafe racer builders including Dave Degens, Ian Kennedy, Erik Buell and others, plus riveting eyewitness accounts from the Rockers and Ton-Up Boys themselves, "Cafe Society" is one wild ride.

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