$5k Cafe Racer - engines in.

A buddy of mine dropped round the other week to assisted me with the engine install on the $5K Cafe Racer. I started by taping up all the areas of the frame where the engine could chip it during the install. We then unbolted the engine from the stand I made and simply lowered it in to place (I suggest you do this with 2 people). All the bolts whet back in order and were torqued up to factory spec. The only thing that gave me any grief was the bracket at the front. I had to shave the powercoat off with a file to get it to slip in (with a bit of help from a rubber mallet).

I have also now put the rear swing arm back on with the shocks and the new roller bearings and installed the forks and also put new roller type steering bearings. For now I have put a set of Ace style bars on the bike which may be swapped for clip-ons a bit later.

I also put new bearings in the wheels so all up I should be rolling, turning and bouncing really smooth. All my Yamaha XS650 parts have come from Mikes XS. If you need anything for your XS drop them a line.

This weekend I am getting rubber put on the rims so I am expecting to have a rolling XS650 by Monday. I will also be installing the Mikuni carbs I purchased a while back along with a pair of pod filters, refitting the engine casings, adding some cloth spark leads I got from low brow customs, the brakes and braided hoses and doing more work on the tank.
It finally feels like the bike is coming together after all this time. With the wheels on it's going to really speed things up. The wiring and the seat are the biggest hurdles I now have ahead of me.

Stay tuned!

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