Must watch moving pictures - One World Studios

I've watched a few great Motorcycle culture movies/doco's over the last few months which I thought I'd share...

Chopper Town the Sinners: This great award winning doco was put together by the guys who set up Chopper Town Nation(one world studios). It's an introduction to the Sinners motorcycle club and their eclectic mix of members. The story follows them as they band together to build one of their members (Kutty Noteboom from Hippy Killer) a new ride.

My biggest gripe about this flick was that there wasn't enough about the bike build itself but it was a good insight into the club and the support it's members give one another.

Chopper Town The Sinners:

BritTown: Another flick from One World Studios but this time a bit closer to my heart. BritTown is another doco that follows a bike build (this time it's an incredible race bred Triumph) and a group of friends linked by their love of motorcycles.

Here's a bit of a breakdown "As a master mechanic, vintage Britbike connoisseur and motorcycle racer, Meatball splits his time between family, his shop and his rock band Smiling Face Down.

Join Meatball for several months as he runs his old BSA in vintage motocross races, hits the desert with the No Gooders bike club, flies down the Willow Springs straightaways on his Norstar, and uses all his skill to rebuild a vintage 650 Triumph Bonneville motor into a blazing road-ready screamer.

Featuring an insider's view of the SoCal Britbike culture including vintage motocross, dirt track, road racing, custom street bikes, and even a wild vintage lingerie beauty contest! Brittown is a ride you won't soon forget."

This ones definately worth a watch even if it's just to watch the guys piece together the final stages of the Triumph they build.

The HarbourTown Bobber: I can't get enough of these bike build doco's. This one's coming soon from One World Studios. The Bobber the guys built in this flick has been doing the custom show rounds and has been getting loads of attention.

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