The Harrier in motion

Stellan Egeland's Harrier, the BMW powered "modern custom which I wrote about a few months back is getting plenty him plenty of attention. I came across yet another post about the bike this time featuring a nice bit of video action to let us know the bike is actually functional.

This video also starts with a series of still shots giving us a closer look at the amount of detail he put in to the bike. I particuarily love the rivets around the tank and the LED's brake lights around the exhaust. The wind must hammer the riders chest at speed though. I still think the front end needs a little something to improve aerodynamics and rider comfort at high speeds.

I love the shot at 1:05 where the cows shit themselves...but once again I have to say, TWAT! What's with the stupid ending and the lack of safety gear he puts on his daughter before she gets on the bike.

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