$5k Cafe Racer - Paint stripping and paint applying

In recent weeks I've pulled my finger out and did a bit more work on the $5k Cafe Racer. My girlfriend has just landed a new job as well which means she will be working most Sundays, so Sunday is my new bike building day.

Last weekend I disassembled the forks gave them sand before spraying them satin black. I also painted the fork bracket using the same satin finish.

This weekend I started stripping the frame back to bare metal. An easier way to do this would be to get it sand blasted but I'm trying to keeps costs down. I bought a couple of drill attachments for stripping paint and some paint stripper.

After using the stripper to remove the bulk of the paint I sat down with the drill and started getting all of the remaining paint off. The wire bursh attachment I will make grooves in the metal so if you don't want that happening I would suggest sand blasting.

3 hours later it's half done! (my back is killing me and the orange drill in the photo above is cactus). The frame is coming up great though, and I love the bare metal so much I am thinking of keeping it raw. I have left the areas where I removed unwanted tags from rough and will also add some "faux aging" using a couple of paint tricks I know before giving it gets a few coats of clear spray.

I also started on the brakes. They needed a serious clean up (my XS650 is a 79 and has the twin front brakes). They clean up much like the frame so I wil also be aging and clear coating them as well. The idea is to work in some nice scratches and grooves to create a bit of texture under the clear coat which should look cool in the sunlight.

Next weekend I will be finishing the frame and brakes and hopefully will also get a chance to paint them all.

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