No laughing matter - Tickle motorcycle shop

On my never ending quest for cool custom builders in Japan (especially ones producing Cafe Racer styled bikes) I came across Tickle Motorcycle shop. "European, Single & Twin" specialists their custom lineup included Yamaha SR400s, Kawasaki W650's and handful of Hondas and some lesser model Japanese bikes like the Suzuki Volty and Tempter.

Tickles bikes seem to have stirred up a bit of attention as their work has appeared in a number of Japanese motorcycle culture mags and it's easy to see why with bikes like this.

The aftermarket and custom parts range available in Japan blows my mind. With so many small custom workshops producing their own bolt-on parts it easy to see why customised motorcycles are so common. Tickle used custom parts from Official, Peyton place and Stinky on this Cafe Racer styled Yamaha SR400.

In my home town getting your hands on parts like these is virtually impossible unless you know who to talk to (and have the money to spend). I think that's why I hardly ever see custom bikes around. "Custom" in Perth seems to mean bolting a pipe on a sports bike or adding a bit more chrome to your Harley.

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