The Harrier: a modern day Cafe Racer?

Award winning European custom motorcycle builder Stellan Egeland (Se Service) has produced yet another bike that has stirred up the critics. The Harrier is a bare bones speed machine with very little aesthetic details. It almost looks like a sportsbike without its fairings. Here's what Stellan has to say about his creation...

"The Harrier is the first bike in our new line of modern customs. As with all of our ground up customs we have put focus on visual technique and a exciting riding experience. The purpose of the airscoops on the fueltank is to supply the space between the muffler and the seat with cooling air and to give support to the legs while attacking corners. The Isr steeringhub is controlled with push/pull cables from the steeringhead so that all geometries of the front end can be quickly adjusted without altering the geometry of the steering. The bike is equipped with Isr:s Radial brakepumps and dual radially mounted six piston monblock calipers in front and one four piston monoblock caliper in the back. The brakes have ABS that can be easily disconnected if desired. This is not a showbike a streetfighter or a sports bike. Its The Harrier!"

Could this be a true modern day Cafe Racer? It's creation came about in much the same way as the Cafe Racers of the past...Take a production bike (at the heart of the Harrier is a BMW R1200S ), strip off all the unnecessary guff (like body panels, air box, lights!), use a lightweight frame made for speed and improve the handling till it drives like it's on rails...and it's barebones, paint free look certainly fits the bill.

It's raw, aggressive and individual which to me is the 3 commandments of a Cafe Racer.

But to tell you the truth I think it's ugly. The rider sits so high and forward it looks like he will face plant as soon as he squeezes on the brakes and it looks unfinished (where's the damn headlight?). Not my cup of tea but an interesting custom build by a very interesting builder.

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