Can you smell petrol? Custom House Stinky

The crew at Custom House Stinky (Japan since 1983) have recently pulled together a new website showcasing their beautifully crafted cutom motorcycles and showcasing a selection of their custom parts.

The humble Yamaha SR500 / SR400 is the focus of their work and their style is clearly heavily influenced by Cafe Racers trands. Their gallery features loads of bikes they have built in various levels of customisation. Here's a few of my favorites...

The tanks you see here are range from between 130,000 and 200,000 YEN ($1300-$2000USD) and are top quality. They also have english translations in the parts section of the site which leads me to believe they are open to international orders. If you want a truly top quality and rare (in your country) tank this could be the go for you. Their seats and misc parts are all bolt on and are designed to compliment their tanks.

I can't get enough of these SR500 Cafe Racers. I think a trip to Japan is in order some time just to pick myself up a bike and a bundle of custom parts and Stinky will be high up on my list.

Looking for Cafe Racer gear? Visit the...