Roger Roger - The Warbird

The WarBird is a truly stunning fully customised motorcycle built by custom bike builder, Ian Douglas. The WarBird took 2 years to complete and level of work that has gone in to putting it together is inspirational. Especially when you read things like this...

"The engine is a scratch designed/built power-plant that utilizes WWII radial aircraft cylinders and a one-off hand built crank case."

I love the little details like the Brooks saddle (bicycle seat), no step sticker on the engine casing, WWII influenced engine artwork and the brass emblem on the oil tank. Here's the full specs on the bike.

Engine: Special construction Douglas 191 Cubic inch
Flywheels: Highly modified S&S stroker racing
Pistons: Continental Aero
Cylinders: Continental W670 Radial Aero
Carbs: Twin S&S Super E
Pipes: Douglas Stainless steel
Transmission: Roadmax 5 speed
Clutch: HD
Frame: Douglas
Forks: DNA Springer
Front wheel: 21 X 2.15 80 spoke
Rear wheel: 21 X 3.25 80 spoke
Tires: Avon Venom
Brakes: Brembo differential bore
Fuel tank: Douglas/Custom chrome
Oil tank: Douglas
Handlebars: Douglas
Taillight: Model A Ford Brass
Foot controls: Yamaha R6

I can only hope that one day I can build a Cafe Racer as stunning as this custom motorcycle.

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