Garage Company - A bit of history

I've done a couple of posts on Cafe Racers built by Garage Company so I thought I should throw up some other info...

"Like many motorcycle shops, Garage Company was initially a hobby that grew out of control. The story actually started in the 70's in Japan, where a young Yoshinobu Kosaka was enjoying enough income to buy a lot of bikes. Yoshi bought a new bike almost every month and loved to race motocross. At 22 he discovered roadracing and that was that.

Fast forward a few years to 84 and Yoshi decided to leave for California, home of not just the surfer scene, but the motorcycle lifestyle. In Beverly Hills he made maybe a tenth of what he had earned in Japan but he had saved money, and if you recall the years of the gas crisis, vintage machines were being thrown away. " (read the rest goes on for a while but I'm sure you get the idea)

Here's a few more of their custom bikes that caught my eye:

58 Cafe Harley Davidson Evo - Uses a Motor Garage Company frame. Interesting take on a Cafe Racer. I don't know if I'd use that term when referring to this bike but a unique looking Harley all the same.

These next two aren't Cafe Racers but they are both stunning bikes.

1983 Harley 80E 1340cc - Rebuilt motor, custom goose neck frame, wide glide front fork, custom gas tank, very unique hand made muffler, complete custom by Garage Company,Paint by SCOTT, pinstripe by SKRATCH very famous VON DUTCH style art work.

Kustom DRAG Bobber - '80 Harley Shovel Motor. 4 Speed Rachet Trans. All hand made KUSTOM. SKRATCH Pinstripe. SUGURU Pipe. KIYO taillight. KIYO bar. Bike on display in Von Dutch Shop in Melrose.

They even built a bobber for the legendary Michael Schumacher.

Look how excited he looks...Happier than a pig in shit.

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