Flickr Find Cafe Racer For Sale

Recently I posted a series of shots of a CB450 Cafe Racer I came across on Flickr then today I found it up for sale on eBay for the very reasonable BUY IT NOW price of $4499 USD.

Here's a couple of shots to remind you of how sweet the CB was looking...

1969 Honda CB450 Cafe Racer. So if you in the market for a new bike and living anywhere Roanoke, VA in the States grab yourself a bargain and snap this one up!

I also happened to spy these little beauties as well that are currently for auction...

HogBitz Speedshop Harley-Davidson Sportster Cafe Racer at $25,000 I would be hesitant to say this award winning custom is a bargain but some might think so.

1977 Yamaha XS650 Cafe Racer "The Green Lantern". The seat on this one makes it's arse look huge! $3,499.00USD

If only I had a few spare grand a shipping container and a shitload of stamps.

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