And now for my final trick - The Presto Custom Collection

Here's another custom workshop from Japan who's website although totally eligible to me, managed to capture my attention for over an hour.

They definately have a soft spot for the ever popular Yamaha SR400's which they dress up in mainly Cafe Racer or street tracker styling. The blue and white combination on this first bike really appeals to me but the miniature front mud guard is hilarious.

The use of "modern" mufflers is a really interesting choice on these two Cafe Racers. These bikes were probably the most traditional looking Cafe Racers on their site so I can only assume the pipes were chosen due to their performance improvements, and hell why not! Cafe Racers were made to be street race bikes so it makes sense to get the most out of your engine with a good exhaust set up. You've got to be able to back up your bikes looks with plenty of bang.

To give you an idea of of what these sweet little machines would set you back the bike below is selling for 35.8Yen which translates to about $3600USD. Not bad for a custom Yamaha SR Cafe Racer with only 6000k's on the clock...if you ask me.

They also do their own paintwork in house and have a small range of custom parts brandishing their emblem.

And lastly they have this sweet little speed machine listed on their site. Alas some lucky guy has already snapped this one up. WTF?!

Presto Custom Collection.

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