$5k Cafe Racer - Frame strip down

I spent a few hours on the XS650 $5k Cafe Racer project yesterday. I have now removed everything front the front end of the bike along with the wiring harness and electrics.

The front and rear wheel will be getting a full clean up. I have found out recently that a friend has access to a sand blaster (wish I'd known earlier) so I will be able to get them back to bare metal before I think about what to do with them.

I also have the whole front brake assembly to rework. The large twin discs on the front look a bit heavy so I am going to get them drilled a bit later in the build. The calipers themselves also need some aesthetic work as the last owner seems to have lovingly hand painted them black which looks less than shithouse.

The shocks will be stripped and polished to get em nice and shiny and of course filled with new oil and tested.

The pile of crap parts (items that will never touch the bike again) is getting bigger and now includes the XS650's original instrument cluster, handle bars and controls, front fender, horn and wiring harness. I've hung the old wiring loom on my wall as a bit of a hommage to the amount of work that must have gone in to putting it together. tI looks a lot like a central nervous system. I hope to end up with a wiring system with less than 10 wires bearing in mind I will be having indicators on the bike.

You can also see the parts of the frame I marked up for removal. I did this as I pulled the bike apart. Bits being removed include the seat lock, seat hinges, wiring guides, mounts for the air box and various other clutter.

Next I will be removing the rear suspension, swing arm, wheel and rear brakes before I start grinding and stripping the frame.

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