The secrets out - 2009 Honda Fury

Ok now before anyone says anything I'm not selling out nor am I changing this Blogs theme from Cafe Racers to Choppers. This is a quick sidestep to look at an interesting development in factory produced motorcycles.

Over the last few months there has been a bit of online hype regarding the development of the Honda Fury, a so called factory made chopper. I had my doubts that any company (especially Honda) would attempt to start production of a chopper style bike due to the inherent impracticality that daily riding of a chopper style bike would involve and the fact that it just seems a bit late (choppers have been around for ages...why do it now?).

The hype all started when some images of a Honda Fury patent lodged back in 2008 (it already seems so long ago) were leaked and now before it's official release at the New York International Motorcycle Show we have a photo of the finished product...God bless the internet!

Japanese manufacturers are renowned for their ability to take an already existing motorcycle and make it better but this time round they really have set themselves a huge task. Not only did they have to build a "practical chopper" but they also had to produce one that bike lovers worldwide weren't going to laugh at as it's 40+ businessman owner drove on by. I have to say they haven't done a bad job.

Here are the bikes details:
Wheel base: 1808.5mm (the longest wheelbase of any production motorcycle)
Engine: 1312cc fuel-injected and liquid-cooled V-twin
Tyres: 200 series rear tire supported by a hidden monoshock. Super skinny 90/90-21 front tire
Drive type: Shaft (no it's not a belt)

Now how does this relate to my Cafe Racer site? Well if you have read a lot of The Return of the Cafe Racers you would know it's all about modern day Cafe Racers. I have written a lot of articles about production bikes from Ducati, Triumph, etc covering models they have in production that celbrate old school styling. So this is another exciting development in the scheme of things. The success (or failure) of the Honda Fury will allow other manufacturers to gauge the market and as a result we may start to see more of this style bike rolling off factory floors...who knows maybe we will start seeing some Bobbers appearing in the not too distant future?

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