$5k Cafe Racer - Style guide

I've started dismantling the bike and the engine is out. Most of the next few weeks will be spent working on the engine itself with a strip down to check for internal wear and a clean up. Before I begin documenting this work though I thought a quick insight in to my plans for the bike might give you an idea of the direction I am heading.

I am always looking for inspiration and interesting mods online and the purchase of this new bike has really inspired me to create something unique. The following images are of custom motorcycles I have found which have influenced my ideas for this bike:

Non XS650's:
This first pic came up when I was looking for a Brat Style XS650 (it's not an XS...anyone know what it is?). The open frame and straight line from rear to front is exactly the look I want. BratStyle sell the flat seats seen here but they are hard to get and pricey.

Low bars and big wheels are definately on my list for this bike. I think I may opt for drag style bars over clip-ons this time round as this bike will be a two seater. Removal of the front fairing is also a must (lose a bit of weight) but I'm not sure what the local authorities will think about it.

The black wrinkle finish paint you see on most Harley motors is easy to come by and give a raw look which looks especially good against polished steel. I am contemplating using this style paint on my engine casing.

This is a Yamaha W400 by BratStyle. I love the silver black combo and will be using it on my Xs650's engine. The silver highlights on the fins bring the engine to life and stop the black from making the donk look boring. The trumpets on the carbs are also great.

The following 3 bikes have had the biggest influence on me so far. This first bike is by the Wrenchmonkees. Again a very straight line across the top of the frame. The black finish on the cast wheels will make it on to my bike.

I hate the red but the stiching style on this seat will influence how mine turns out.

I have a set of these Firestone wheels sitting around which I will use on the XS650.

I prefer a "bare" look when it comes to paint and colour so most of my bike will either be black or polished metal. I did however, have an idea the other day which I have started to research. I saw some copper pots and pans at a shop and thought a similar treatment could look really cool on a motorcycle.

The brass look on the tank of this Triumph is sweet, especially with the black emblem and rear half.

There are several electro-plating companies in Perth who I will be talking to regarding copper plating. I want to stay true to my $5k budget so this may end up a pipe dream but let's wait and see what happens. I will of course also be looking for ways to improve the bikes performance and handling (otherwise it just wouldn't be a Cafe Racer would it!?).

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