My back hurts!

Last Monday morning I was riding the Cafe Racer to work (as always) and had a woman in a gold Camry pull in to my lane while I was next to her front passenger door. I managed to veer towards the kerb but she came over so fast my helmet ended up pressed against her passenger window and her rear view mirror was hooked on my arm. For some reason she didn't brake or pull away which strangely enough was a good thing. I managed to hold the bike up, hit the brake and slide down the side of her car. Once I had corrected myself I looked up to see her looking in her rearview mirror...but no wave, no indication she was going to pull nothing. So I gave it some gas and pulled up alongside her. I honked a few times and yelled at her but she refused to acknowledge me or what had just happened. So I gave her door a good solid kick which made a loud enough thud for her to notice...still nothing. At this point I was so overwhelmed by the whole thing that I accelerated away from her...before she hit me again. That evening I could hardly move, I pulled a whole heap of muscles in my neck and back and had to take 2 days off work to recover.

Moral of the story? There isn't one, I was really lucky and my bike remains in one piece. It's amazing how quickly this can happen and how some people react to the situation. I'm now searching for a new exhaust system for the bike. I figure if I had been making a whole heap more noise there's no way she wouldn't have known I was there.

Ride safe. It's not our driving we need to worry about, it's theirs!

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