Cafe Racer videos - a look back at how it was...

I get a lot of people looking at my Cafe Racer while it's parked on the street and often have people come stop me when I'm about to fire it up and burn off. There are mixed reactions when I tell them it's actually a Kwaka, a Jap bike. Some are speechless others show real appreciation some are shocked (and seemingly appauled). But I have to say I never understand the bias one way or the other (classic vs modern). I don't have the mechanical know how to maintain a classic and as such my decision to use the Kawasaki W650 for a Cafe Racer conversion came out of necessity, however if circumstances were different I may now be riding a Norton or maybe not...

Norton, Triumph, BSA, Honda, Kawasaki...these names all carry kudos with me. All these companies came to be from one passion. These motorcycles are the ones we choose to modify and ride because we connect with them on some level. Be it the way they look, perform or their origin, they tick the right boxes with their owners.

I will always respect an individual who shows passion towards the machine he chooses to trust his life with...especially one he's added his own style to. Take a look at these vids. Great insights in to how Cafe Racers came to be. It's easy then to see why this trend shouldn't just remain with the "classics". Cafe Racers are born from passion. Never let anyone tell you your bike isn't worthy of that label. See you on the street...I'm the guy with the big smile on his face.

Cult of the Cafe Racer:

The Cult of the Ton Up Boy (part 1):

The Cult of the Ton Up Boy (part 2):

The Cult of the Ton Up Boy (part 3):

The Cult of the Ton Up Boy (part 4):

The Mean Fuckers:

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