Ace Cafe Racer - Launch pics and vids

I did a post a few weeks back about the Ace Cafe Racer being developed by Mark Wilsmore and the Stonebridge Motor Co. and hey what do you know it they've completed the first bike and already had it on public display. So without further adieu here's the juicy stuff.

Extract from official unveiling article at
"The Ace Café Racer Classic, is a lot more than just another retro-styled motorcycle, it's an in your face, fresh twentieth century street racer, the attention to detail delivered by the Stonebridge Motor Company is so mind blowing its almost painful, build quality is second to none and as a result they have produced a motorcycle that not only looks the part, special, but unlike several of its American cousins is ride able to, with a top of the range chassis and suspension provide by Ohlin’s, it will go around corners nearly as good as it looks, with an estimated tank size of 15 litres you’ll be able to join your friends on a long Sunday blast and with the first bike (named Little Miss Dynamite after a friend of Mark's and the Ace Café, who is sadly know longer with us) dyno’d pushing 135mph in 5th with a gear to go, you won’t just be keeping up, you’ll be leading the pack.

The official specs for the Ace Café Racer Classic have not yet been released, but witnessing its first ever dyno run at the press release I already know its going to a machine to be reckoned with. If the power or being one of only 100 owners does grab your attention, I’m sure the perfectly crafted chrome fuel tank, wonderfully flowing bespoke exhausts and exposed clutch unit will.

If your still not sold on the chance to owning the icon which is the Ace racer, and by now I’m certain you will be, the sound… The sound will capture the heart and wallet of any living petrol head, the Ace Café Racers sound like GOD Clearing his throat.

Light, powerful, agile. A go-fast motorcycle that is based on the speed, thrills & burn up legacy, the very core essence of ace café London, it's culture and it's heritage."

Although it may not be everyones cup of tea it certainly is an inspiring looking bike. There's decades of Rocker and Cafe Racer culture behind this bike and plenty of modern technology at it's heart. Love it or hate it you've got to smile when you think about how this bike came to exist.
My congrats go out to Mark Wilsmore for a job well done.

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