Custer turns in his grave - The 2009 Indian Chief

Well I have to say I never thought we'd see the day when Indians were available off the showroom floor once again, especially after the failed attempts at relaunching a new Norton Commando in recent years (I've still got my fingers crossed though).

Indian Motorcycles are back with a 4 bike lineup and plenty of eagers buyers. With a starting price of US $31,000 for the base model Chief you're going to have to empty your account to get one parked in your drive but I'm sure it won't take long till we start spotting them on the streets. The lineup consists of the Chief Standard, the Deluxe, Roadmaster and Vintage and all 4 feature Indian's signature fenders and classic badge, and share the 1720cc V-twin donk with their signature 100lb/ft of torque.

The Chief Standard

The Chief Deluxe
The Chief Roadmaster

The Chief Vintage

I have to say their not necessarily my style but I'd get one over a Harley if I had the choice and you can't go past their historic past. If you're really keen (and you live in the US) you can place a deposit of $1 grand now and secure one of the first bikes to come out of the factory. Now we can only hope Norton will get their act together!

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