W650 Cafe Racer - Tank and Seat fitted

The VD Classic Cafe Racer/BSA Goldstar tank and Single saddle seat have been fitted to the bike. It's now a mere fraction of it's old self and it definately now looks the part.

Fitting was pretty straight forward with the hadrest task being the attachment of the new fuel line (and reattaching the idle screw after I managed to unscrew it completely from it's housing...sheesh!). The tank required a small bracket to fit it due to the extra length and the attachment of the supplied fuel valve which was also a very easy process. The new valve only had one attchment for the fuel line so I needed to plug the old pressure hose with small screw.

The seat was a straight swap for the old one and as you can see looks great. I am going to be changing the headlight (again) because the 5 inch one I have on the bike now is much too small (maybe a lesson to learn there about the order things are done in). I have ordered some polished alloy brackets off ebay and will try fitting the original headlight or possibly buying a 7 inch Lucas one from ebay.

Dials are still on the way. Daytona are realeasing a new range this year which will hopefully be a bit cheaper than their last ones,

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