Buell XB12R Krugger Goodwood

Beautifully shaped steel, Old school styling and hi-speed performance. Krugger Motorcycles seem to have the perfect recipe for my type of cocktail. The Krugger Goodwood was a 6 month project built from scratch by Frederic as a Bonneville salt flats special. The shaped steel body work gives the bike 50's or 60's old school styling but when you look closer you will see that it's anything but old school.

The frame is a double-sling-bridge, with the engine attached under the upper sling. The fake gas tank works as an air scoop for the intake while the 2 parts of the bikes tail section hold the fuel. In the centre of the tail, between the tanks are the heat wrapped (for obvious reasons) twin exhausts. The entire exhaust set up is made from stainless steel and was hand made by Bertrand himself.

The wheels are from a Harley V-Rod bike andstopping is provided by two 6-pistons on the front and one 6-piston-caliper on the rear. All metalwork Fred did by himself, he bowed all tubes for the frame and the bar. The bike is powered by a Buell Firebold XB12R v-twin with a 6 speed gearbox which produces around 100HP in standard form, I wasn't able to locate any information about engine mods on the Goodwood.

Bertrand shaped, welded and milled all of the bikes bodywork himself and wanted a 70’s Café Racer look. He also believes that the vintage look is going to be making a come back (funny I never noticed that!?).

"Krugger motorcycles designs and builds exclusive one-off bikes, old school or modern style, for privateers and bike professionals". Frederic Bertrand, owner of Kruger and builder of the Goodwood comes from a rally racing background and has a love for Harley's. The companies name was inspired by an early Harley-engineer from Germany named “Krueger”.
The Goodwood looks especially nice from this angle!

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