Triumph accessories selector

Anyone who has purchased themselves a new Bonnieville or Thruxton is sure to have fallen in love with the bikes good looks and individuality. But as with any cool new motorbike once popularity grows your individual stand out bike begins to blend in to the crowd. So what a new bike? No need because the style guru's at Triumph have taken it upon themselves to help you regain your individualism with a huge range of custom accessory parts.

The accessories selector site can be accessed via the Triumph website and launches in a new browser window. It's a Flash based site which allows you to choose your bike then by selecting the type of products you are looking for it will return a plethora of products for your perusal (Alliteration is ace!).

By selecting all of the different accessory options for the new Thruxton for instance the search returned 82 results which gives you plently of different combinations to give your bike a whole new look.

The site also has some beautiful shots of some of Triumphs own customised creations for you to be inspired by or to just drool over.

Best of all the products are all manufactured by Triumph themselves so your gauranteed the same build quality and eye for detail that you find on their bikes. The products aren't available for purchase on the website but they will happily help you locate your local dealer who can order them in for you. Happy customizing!

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