Long Way Round - Long Way Down - Long Way Up!

Every motorcycle fans favorite documentary The Long Way Round (if you haven't seen it go buy it now!) is apparently going to get a part 3 after Ewan Mc Gregor and Charlie Boorman revealed plans to produce a third part to the series which will be titled "The Long Way Up".

The two have recently completed filming The Long Way Down (Part 2) where will see them travel from the Northern most tip of Scotland all the way down to the southern most tip of Africa. The original film was an idea that the 2 came up with after discussing plans to embark on a bike trek and became one of the greatest documented motorcyle trips ever...

"Setting off in London in April 2004, Ewan and Charley travelled through some of the most beautiful, and at times dangerous, terrain the world has to offer. Crossing over into mainland Europe, they rode through France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Siberia, Alaska, Canada before arriving 115 days later at their final destination, New York City, USA."
The pair received 2 BMW R 1150 GS motorcycles and covered over 20,000 miles through some of the most remote and intense terrain in the world with very little mechanical problems (a true testament to BMW motorcycles). BMW continued to support them in the second series and we will most likely see them again in part 3.

Here's the trailer for Part 1, "Long Way Round".

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