DIY $8 camera mount

I ride naked bikes so exposed frame work is plentiful and allows me to attach a camera mount to pretty much any section of my bike, sports bike riders won't have the luxury of this but you may still be able to locate one or two points on your bike that are appropriate.

No messin about here. Had an idea, bought the bits, built it and what do you know it works a treat! Here's how it's done...

Parts list:
1x PVC T-joint with screw thread in top section 1x PVC Elbow joint
2x PVC joiners
1x PVC end cap
1x 1/4 inch bolt with washers
2x adjustable pipe clamps
1x dishwashing sponge

Step1: Cut the bottom half of the t-section off the t-joint. This will leave you with a long half moon section with the T joint on top. (see step 2 image for result)

Step2: Find a place on your bikes frame or hadle bars where you want to shoot your footage from. And attach the cut t-joint using the 2 adjustable clamps (wrap the sponge around your frame and attach the pieces over it to protect your bike from scratching).
Step3: Drill a hole in the end cap that is big enough for the 1/4 inch bolt. Push the bolt through the hole in the cap and bolt it on tight (I used some sponge on the inside and outside of the washers to try and minimise vibration).

Step4: Attach the cap to the t-joint using one of the spacers. Your camera can then be screwed on using it's tripod hole in it's base.

Step5: Depending on whether you are side mounting or top mounting your camera you can use the elbow joint to allow you to place the t-joint vertically on the side of the bike and have your camera shooting upright. You could further adapt this with more PVC attachments to suit almost any shooting position. *image coming soon*

Done. I will post a vid I shot in a day or 2 so you can see the resulting footage.

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