Desperately seeking W650

I have finally reached a stage where I am ready to purchase my Kawasaki W650 project bike. I have just acquired a car again (after 4 years on only 2 wheels) so I now have the option of working on a bike and not having to walk everywhere while it's in bits. I have been searching for a month now already and it's not looking good. After calling all the local secondhand motorcycle dealers I could find the most common response I got was "I haven't seen one of them in years!" which isn't too promising. Luckily time is something I have a lot of in this case so I'm not losing any sleep over it yet.

So while I'm on the subject if you own a Kawasaki W650, live in Australia and have been considering selling please contact me. You can email me via blogger through my profile details or post a comment and I can contact you that way. I'm looking for a 2000+ model for around $8000- AUD. You will then have an opportunity to see your bike transform as I rebuild it to fufill my Cafe Racer dream.

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