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So you've just completed building your racer (or just started) where do you go from here?

Here's a list of links I've found for Cafe Racer project advice, engine modification and maintenance, custom parts, favorite weekend rides, meet ups or just general chit chat.

Clubs, Groups and Forums:
The Top 5 Cafe Racer related clubs and forums I've found online. If you're after advice for customising your Motorcycle the people you will find here have all the experience and info you will need...and best of all they're willing to share it.

The Ton Up Club of North America
Don't worry if you're not in the US you'll be welcomed in to their forums as long as you fit their 'strict' criteria..."To join the TON UP CLUB you need attitude and a bike that lets you know when you've reached 100 MPH. You have to like long rides on dark roads to little bars. You have to like ROCKABILLY (who doesn't). You have to know a few sheep jokes. You have to love a good pint. You have to love a good pint. You have to try to get the front wheel up on occasion. It also helps to be a real pisser."...LOL

Cafe Racer Club S.A. (South Australia)
Representing the Cafe style all the way down here in OZ.

Cafe Racer .Net
Not the biggest forum I've seen but has some dedicated members and some other interesting info on the site.

Road Rocket - Cafe Racer Club
Netherlands site. Very well put together and if you can find your way around they have some cool pics in their gallery and good links to related sites.

The 59 Club
The official website of the world's largest motorcycle club...shame about the site design but it's easily worthy of this list.

Australias very own 59 Club
"The 59 Club of Australia is a Motorcycle Club for Riders of Classic Motorcycles, Cafe Racers or Motorcycles build in the spirit of a Cafe Racer, a bike with style and not some carbon-fiber super bullet. The 59 Club Australia was founded on the idea that Classic Bikes were build to be ridden not polished. It's also based on the Rocker Culture of England in the 60's. It's really about hanging out with mates, riding your bike to the Cafe or Classic Bike Events and Rock n' Roll." "The Legendary"

Ace Cafe London
Always worthy of a mention. If you haven't been to this site go there now and read up on the Cafes past...makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Ebay Powersellers
These guys know their stuff and have the selling history to prove it. They'll ship all around the world and give you plenty of advice. They sell all the best custom and relapcement parts for your project bike and offer them at discount prices.

Speed Moto Company
User name: wwwspeedmotoco - Huge range of parts for your Cafe Racer. Get those bar end mirrors you've been chasing or a set or Ace Style bars at a bargain price.

Moto Bikes
User name: zippyflea - Made my biggest purchase to date with Zippy and I couldn't fault him. I bought a brand new helmet for $500US and he got it to me in 2 weeks and even marked it as a gift so I didn't have to pay import tax. If you're after a new helmet go choose the one you want in the store the buy it from this guy and save $$$

Justified Defiance
User name: Newskooljd - Sells awesome old school helmets (may not meet your local safety standard).

There's heaps of good Ebay sellers
around and not all of them are powersellers. I check back every week to see if anything new has gone up for auction. You never know what you will find. Some key words that I use to find great products are Cafe Race, Streetfighter, Ace Style, Norton, BSA and Triumph.

If you've found any Cafe Racer links why not add them to the comments section and spread the word.

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