The 2007 Norton Commando 961

If you're saving for a new bike and live in the US here's my suggestion.

Taking $500- deposits as we speak the all new Norton Commano 961 and 961SS are coming. After almost 30 of non-production the brand has been revived and they are taking their time to ensure that what you end up with is one of the best new bikes on the road.

If you're a fan of the old commando's you won't be disappointed with the look of the new model. It's a big salute to their heritage and a beautiful interpretation of the Norton brand. Not only will this bike look good but if you download the audio and video clips on the Norton website you will see it performs just as it should.

For around $15,000USD you can purchase you're very own 961SS and this is what you'll get:

- Carbon Fibre front and rear wheels
- Ohlins reservoir-style twin shocks with adjustable ride height, compression and rebound dampening
- Brembo gold line 4 piston front and 2 piston rear brakes
- 961cc Parallel twin with push-rod valve motor which outputs 80 RWHP and 65 pounds of torque
- Twin 39mm Keihin Carbs
- and killer good looks

Norton descibes the bike as "athletic handling" (due largly to the carbon wheels and excellent shock system) saying "...24.5 degrees of rake and 4 inches of trail provide athletic handling in the mountain passes and relaxed handling in hi-speed sweepers or just along the open road".

Everything about the bikes promises to make it a modern classic from its tapered (ace style) handle bars to its gold pinstriped body. If you fancy getting in early and making a preorder visit Norton Motorcycles purchase page here, I'm sure the wait will be worth it and I am sure I will be insanely jealous!

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